Get the tides just in time.

Technical details

Zeeland Tide

The App provides tide table for several spots in Zeeland (Netherlands) and Belgium.
It computes High/Low water time as well as NAP water level and Moon phases for the selected location. It also provide an overview calendar of the neap/spring tides and useful contacts for marine activities (weather, rescue,...)
This full version includes 30 spots in Zeeland and Belgium.
The Apps works off-line (except map) and includes 3 languages: EN, FR, NL

About free version

The App is also available as a free package. The differences between the free and full package are defined as follow:
# Limited to 4 spots
# Includes ads in the main page


Tides are computed by the Hydro Meteo Centrum Zeeland for two reference locations: Cadzand (north zea) and Zierikzee (Oosterschelde). The application will uses predefined adjustement timetable to compute the tide time for the other locations. The application shows these adjusted tide times for the selected spot.

Date and Times

It is possible that for some (rare) cases the computed corrected tide time is just before or after midnight. These exceptions are noted with parentheses. Example, 12 Dec (00:12). This means that, for the tide on Decembre 12th, the maximum of the tide will occure just after midnight.

Next dataset

Version 7.0.2020

The version number of the application ends with a year. It indicates the last year dataset included in this version. Note that dataset for previous year is always included. You will automatically received the data for the next year as soon as they are computed and validated by de Hydro Meteo Centrum Zeeland. Later in the year, a new version will be released including the dataset for the next year. Standard update of the app will bring you the tides for the next year.